The Collective of Jawn is a group of multi-disciplinary practitioners who have come together to weave their magick and create beautiful environments with a blend of hook suspension, rope, dance, performance, art installations, burlesque, poetry and photography.

SpOoky Mandalay profile pictureSpOoky Mandalay

Amanda ‘SpOoky’ Mandalay is a dark artist who embodies the adage ‘variety is the spice of life’ with her diverse background in aerial acrobatics, dance, flow arts, body modification and performance coordination. Her penchant for the unusual and the beautiful show in her designs, themed acts and visually arresting stage presence. She has been directing and performing in shows with ELECTROCUTE since 2010 and is the creative force behind Nightmare Festival, Dreamscape, and others.


Orbán Isma

Orb is a multi-disciplinary artist, that works primarily with rope, metal, and the human body. His focus is in exploring the connections between geometry and the human sensory experience, and as a result, finds himself in the realm of the occult often. He weaves rope, and manipulates skin in a way that encourages audiences to shift perspectives in relation to the experience he presents.  His primary medium of interest is that of body suspension, which led to his founding of Anchors Aweigh in 2011, and The Skin Project in 2015.

SpOoky & Orb celebrate all that the world of the spirits have to offer in their act and become alchemists in their own right; blending their piercing and performance skills and transforming them into a fusion of their own.

Eyrie Twilight

Eyrie Twilight has been creating live Occulture since 2014 with the inception of Hexwork- A Spellbinding Burlesk Revue. A twice annual celebration of the Sacred and the Sexy, featuring a rotating cast of performances exploring themes of death and the divine feminine. 





An expert at ephemeral capture, Brent has expanded his creative vision from the camera to creating immersive pieces integrating ascetic experiences through technology. His mercurial talents inform the audience and provide beautiful, engaging backdrops for your photos.